Intro­duc­tion // Doris Hambuch

Fram­ing Storm Saulter's Work and Guest Artist Port­fo­lio // Emiel Martens and Storm Saulter

Towards a New Caribbean Cin­e­ma? An Inter­view with Jamaican Film­mak­er Storm Saulter // Emiel Martens

The Island Image and Glob­al Links in Puer­to Rican Cin­e­ma of the 21st Cen­tu­ry // María Cristi­na Rodríguez

Más allá de la fasci­nación y el hor­ror: hacía una estéti­ca rela­cional del cine caribeño // Ricar­do Arribas

Cin­e­ma in Jamaica - Lega­cy of The Hard­er They Come // Sab­ri­na Ceccato

Chris­t­ian Lara: Rec­on­cil­ing Vision and Exe­cu­tion in Sucre Amer and 1802, l’Epopée Guade­loupéenne // Mered­ith Robinson

A Para­dox in Caribbean Cin­e­ma? An Inter­view with Min­i­mal Movie Film­mak­er Pim de la Par­ra, Prag­mat­ic Dream­er from Suri­name // Emiel Martens

The Caribbean, On Screen: A Con­ver­sa­tion with Frances-Anne Solomon // Hyacinth Simpson

Give Me Back My Black Dolls: Damas’ Africa and Its Museifi­ca­tion, From Poet­ry to Mov­ing Pic­tures // Matthias De Groof and Kath­leen Gyssels

Book Review:  Explo­ran­do el cine caribeño (Explor­ing Caribbean Cin­e­ma; Eds. Luis Alber­to Notario and Bruce Padding­ton) // Kris­t­ian van Haesendonck

Stand-Alone Arti­cle: Time-Savers: Bertram Brook­er and the Pol­i­tics of Time and Mate­r­i­al Cul­ture // Adam Lauder

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Guest Edi­tor: Doris Ham­buch | Man­ag­ing Edi­tor: Brent Ryan Bellamy

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