Intro­duc­tion: Crit­i­cal Rela­tion­al­i­ty: Queer, Indige­nous, and Mul­ti­species Belong­ing Beyond Set­tler Sex & Nature | Kim Tall­Bear and Angela Willey

Sexual/Nature | Rebec­ca Anweiler

iMes­sag­ing Flesh, Friend­ship, and Futu­ri­ties | Emi­ly Coon and Nicole Land

The (Un)Natural Archive | Sophie Duncan

Rux­imik Qak'u'x: Rela­cional­i­dades Ine­ludi­bles en el Arte Esceni­co De Grupo Sotz'il / Inescapable Rela­tion­al­i­ties in Grupo Sotz'il’s Per­for­mance Prac­tice | María Regi­na Firmi­no-Castil­lo, Daniel Fer­nan­do Guar­cax González, on behalf of Grupo Sotz’il, and Tohil Fidel Brito Bernal

Track­ing Love in the Wild: from San Diego to Athens, Greece and Beyond | Alexan­dra Halkias

From Bits to Bod­ies: Per­fect Humans, Bioin­for­mat­ic Visu­al­iza­tions, and Crit­i­cal Rela­tion­al­i­ty | Jen­nifer A. Hamilton

Dig­i­tal Nomads and Set­tler Desires: Racial Fan­tasies of Sil­i­con Val­ley Impe­ri­al­ism | Erin McElroy

Who Gave Your Body Back to You?” Lit­er­ary and Visu­al Car­togra­phies of Erot­ic Sov­er­eign­ty in the Poet­ry of Qwo-Li Driskill | Naveen Minai

Dis­tort­ed Love: Map­plethor­pe, the Neo/Classical Sculp­tur­al Black Nude, and Visu­al Cul­tures of Transat­lantic Enslave­ment | Lind­say Nixon

Fishy Plea­sures: Unset­tling Fish Hatch­ing and Fish Catch­ing on Pacif­ic Fron­tiers | Cleo Woelfle-Erskine

Pili‘Oha/Kinship: (Re)Imagining Per­cep­tions of Nature and More-Than-Human Rela­tion­al­i­ty | Kim­ber­ley Greeson

Con­sume | Jay Fields

Monogamy Undone: Review of A. Willey’s Undo­ing Monogamy: The Pol­i­tics of Sci­ence and the Pos­si­bil­i­ties of Biol­o­gy (2016) | Rick W. A. Smith

Review of Don­na Har­away, Stay­ing with the Trou­ble: Mak­ing Kin in the Chthu­lucene (2016) | Irene Wolfstone

Con­trib­u­tor Bios

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Image Cred­it: Sophie Dun­can, "A Field Guide to Roman Impe­ri­al­ism in Three Plants"