Intro­duc­ing Loca­tion and Dis­lo­ca­tion: Glob­al Geo­gra­phies of Dig­i­tal Data
Alix John­son and Mél Hogan

Research arti­cles

Tech­nolo­gies of Imag­i­na­tion: Locat­ing the Cloud in Sweden’s North
Asta Vonderau

The Fac­to­ries of the Past are Turn­ing Into the Data Cen­ters of the Future
Gra­ham Pickren

Uncer­tain Archi­tec­tures: Per­form­ing Shel­ter and Vulnerability
Kristin Veel

The Tech­noaes­thet­ics of Data Cen­tre "White Space"
A.R.E. Taylor

Infra­struc­tures of Dis/Connection: Of Drones, Migra­tion, and Dig­i­tal Care
Evan Light, Jut­ta Lauth Bacas, Daphne Drag­o­na, Katrin M. Kämpf, Mar­ta Peira­no, Valenti­na Pel­lizzer, Christi­na Rogers, Flo­ri­an Sprenger, Jaron Rowan, and Abi­ol Lual Deng

Hear the World’s Sounds: Local­i­ty as Meta­da­ta in Two Music Platforms
Michael Audette-Longo

Drones Caught in the Net
Adam Fish, Bradley Gar­rett, and Oliv­er Case


The Moldy Strategy
Anto­nia Hernandez

Col­lect­ing Cryo­graph­ic Cli­mate Data, Remem­ber­ing Alber­to Behar
Rafi­co Ruiz

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