Andriko Lozowy and Kyler Zeleny

Intro­duc­ing North By West

Andriko Lozowy


Now and Then
Eliz­a­beth Cav­a­liere (images | words)

Plac­ing Nostalgia
Saltz­man and Zink (images)
Jon Petrychyn(words)

Frag­ments of Desire
Tru­di Lynn Smith (images)
Karen Engle (words)

Leav­ing to Return
Thomas Gar­diner (images)
Kyler Zele­ny (words)


Wood Grain Elevators
Ali Piwowar (images | words)

The Road to Here
Eamon MacMa­hon (images)
Mike Granzow and Kevin Jones (words)

Recal­i­brat­ing Intimacy
Elyse Bou­vi­er (images)
Lily Cho (words)

See­ing Saskatchewan
John Con­way (images | words)

Pho­tog­ra­phy as The­o­ry in Action
George Web­ber (images)
Matt Dyce (words)


Bor­der Lines and Cross­ing Points
Andreas Rutkauskas (images)
Kar­la McManus (words)

Dis­Ap­pear­ances on a Highway
Erin Ashen­hurst (images | words)

Seen and Imagined
Dou­glas Harp­er and Tara Mil­brandt (images | words)

Poke you in the Heart
Nadia Bouch­i­er and Aaron Elka­im (images)
Jen­ny Ger­brandt (words)

Stud­ies on How to View a Landscape
Jes­si­ca Auer (images | words)

Con­trib­u­tor Bios

Artist State­ment

Guest Edi­tors: Andriko Lozowy & Kyler Zeleny
Man­ag­ing Edi­tor: Brent Ryan Bellamy
Sub­stan­tive Edi­tor: Shama Rangwala
Web Edi­tor: Brent Ryan Bellamy
PDF Lay­out and Design: John Montague
Trans­la­tor (French): Aurélie Lesueur

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