Intro­duc­tion | Natal­ie Loveless

Reports and Dialogues

Reflect­ing on the Gen­e­sis and Real­iza­tion of Design for a Dis­se­mu­niza­tion Sta­tion | Patrick Mahon, Annemarie Hou

VacZi­ne­Na­tions!, a Crit­i­cal Dia­logue | Rachelle Viad­er Knowles, Mkritch Tonoy­an, Patrick Mahon, John Ham­mer­s­ley, Lisa Webb

Dis­cussing The Anato­my Table and The Vac­ci­na­tion Pic­ture | Sean Caulfield, Tim­o­thy Caulfield, Johan Holst

Con­ver­sa­tions on Art–Science Col­lab­o­ra­tion and Vac­cine-Hes­i­tan­cy | Kaisu Kos­ki, Johan Holst

Mem­o­ries and Records: Thoughts on The Vac­cine Archive | Vic­ki Sung-yeon Kwon, Lath­i­ka Sritharan

Shad­ow­pox: The Anti­body Politic – Thoughts and Reflec­tions | Ali­son Humphrey, Caitlin Fish­er, Steven J Hoffman

Upstream the Cold Chain | Jes­per Alvaer

Reflections and Essays

Overview of Key Legal, Polit­i­cal, and Social Chal­lenges Fac­ing Glob­al Vac­ci­na­tion Efforts | Nico­la Sahar, Olivia Lee, Steven J. Hoff­man, Lath­i­ka Sritharan

Imag­in­ing Co-Immu­ni­ty in Shad­ow­pox: The Anti­body Politic | Ali­son Humphrey

Can Art Influ­ence Glob­al Health Pol­i­cy? | Patrick Fafard

VacZi­ne­Na­tions! as Prac­tice-Led Research | Rachelle Viad­er Knowles

Learn­ing from the Role of Art in Polit­i­cal Advo­ca­cy on HIV/AIDS | Steven J. Hoff­man, Annemarie Hou, Annie Jones, Julia Woo

How Fear Is Dis­sem­i­nat­ed—Mem­o­ries and Records: The Vac­cine Archive | Vic­ki Sung-yeon Kwon

Con­trib­u­tor Bios

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Image Cred­it: Kaisu Kos­ki, Injec­tion Sim­u­la­tor (2015)
Mate­ri­als: injec­tion nee­dles, replace­ment skin, plas­tic tube, mock blood, Mea­sure­ments: 62 x 13 x 9 cm