Fade of the Polaroid: Towards a Polit­i­cal Ontol­ogy of the 70s | Andrew Pendakis
Pref­ace | Nathan Holmes
“An Escape into Real­i­ty”: Com­put­ers, Spe­cial Effects, and the Haunt­ing Optics of West­world (1973) | Col­in Williamson
Pre­dic­tive Land­scapes | K. R. Cornett
Archae­ol­o­gy of the (1970s) Com­mune: Notes Towards an Old/New Ontol­ogy of Stu­dents: A Con­ver­sa­tion between Fras­er McCal­lum and Andrew Pen­dakis | Andrew Pen­dakis, Fras­er McCallum
Killer POV: First-Per­son Cam­era and Sym­pa­thet­ic Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion in Mod­ern Hor­ror | Adam Charles Hart
Deep Back­grounds: Land­scapes of Labor in All the President’s Men | Nathan Holmes
Image and Dis­cur­sive Land­scape: Roam­ing the Land Art of the Amer­i­can South­west | Kaitlin Pomerantz
Strange Vices: Trans­gres­sion and the Pro­duc­tion of Dif­fer­ence in the Gial­lo | Seb Roberts



Guest Edi­tors: Nathan Holmes and Andrew Pendakis
Edi­tor-in-Chief: Markus Reisenleitner
Man­ag­ing Edi­tors: Brent Ryan Bellamy
Eng­lish Sub­stan­tive and Copy Edi­tor: Shama Rangwala
French Trans­la­tor: Dominique Laurent
French Edi­tor: Dominique Laurent
Web Edi­tor: Brent Ryan Bellamy
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Fea­tured Image: The Post news­room set for All the President’s Men

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