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Mar­shall McLuhan and the Arts after the Spec­u­la­tive Turn | Adam Laud­er and Jaque­line McLeod Rogers

Print­ing a Film to Make it Res­onate: Sorel Etrog and Mar­shall McLuhan’s Spi­ral | Ele­na Lamberti

Mansaram and Mar­shall McLuhan: Col­lab­o­ra­tion in Col­lage Art | Alexan­der Kuskis

Cri­tique, texte et art con­tem­po­rain. Repenser l’héritage de Mar­shall McLuhan aujourd’hui | Adi­na Balint

Song­lines, not Stu­por: Cheryl L'Hirondelle's nika­mon ohci aski: songs because of the land as Tech­no­log­i­cal Cit­i­zen­ship on the Lands Cur­rent­ly Called “Cana­da” | Jes­si­ca Jacob­son-Kone­fall, May Chew, and Daina Warren

McLuhan’s Pho­to­graph­ic Gestalt (and the project of the object world) | Tom McGlynn

L(a)ying with Mar­shall McLuhan: Media The­o­ry as Hoax Art | Hen­ry Adam Svec

Mar­shall McLuhan’s Coun­teren­vi­ron­ment with­in the Stream of Defa­mil­iar­iza­tion | Ken­neth Allan

Our World: McLuhan’s Idea of Glob­al­ized Pres­ence as the Pre­his­to­ry of Com­pu­ta­tion­al Tem­po­ral­i­ty | Moham­mad Salemy

Assem­bling the (Non)Human: The Ani­mal as Medi­um | Jody Berland

The Design­scapes of Harley Park­er: Print and Built Envi­ron­ments | Gary Genosko


Guest Edi­tors: Jaque­line McLeod Rogers and Adam Lauder
Edi­tor-in-Chief: Sheena Wilson
Man­ag­ing Edi­tors: Brent Ryan Bellamy
Eng­lish Sub­stan­tive and Copy Edi­tor: Shama Rangwala
French Trans­la­tor: Ève Robidoux-Descary
French Edi­tor: Dominique Laurent
Web Edi­tor: Brent Ryan Bellamy
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Fea­tured Image: Tom McG­lynn, Paint­ed-Over Cross­walk, Jer­sey City, 2016

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